“The best way to predict a trend is to create it yourself.” True to this motto, we
at Rohde have an agile trend-scouting department that enables us to create
shoes that exactly meet the future needs of the respective target group.
Our Trend Setter collection is aimed at the younger audiences who, after
the hardships of the past few months are looking for warmth and positive
impulses. With warm earth tones, joyful color combinations, animal prints
and fluffy footbeds, the collection expresses what this audience is longing
for: naturalness and optimism.



Sustainable, high quality slippers.

Sustainability and environmental awareness are not just trends in our modern society, but important factors for the future of us all. As a shoe company, we see it as our duty to further establish sustainability in the company in the long term. We are constantly developing new, optimized processes throughout the company to promote sustainability. With the Recycled collection we set a sustainable mark in shoe development. With materials that come almost entirely from Europe, we rely on high quality and geographically close suppliers right from the start.


The upper material of our Recycled collection consists of 50% recycled wool, which is made from recycled T-shirts, sweaters and much more. Our supplier from Italy is certified by ICEA (Institutio Per La Certificazione Etica Ed Ambientale) and the materials therefore comply with the „Global Recycle Standard“*. Parts of our Recycled collection also have a sole made from recycled rubber. All products in our recycled collection are provided with hang tags so that your customers have the most relevant information at a glance



Absolutely quiet. THE slipper for apartments.

Fresh from our development department, we present the new No Noise collection from the Rohde brand. The felt based No Noise models were developed with a new type of sole, which offers both slip resistance and stability, but at the same time generates almost no noise. The look of our newly developed sole is partly based on the upper material used and is supplemented by a coating, based on the foot, which facilitates the abovementioned characteristics.


This collection offers the perfect slipper for all urban people and is in no way inferior to the other collections of our brand. All No Noise models also have a high-quality removable leather footbed.



Extra warm models for cold winters.

Perfect for the cold wintertime. We say goodbye to cold feet in the winter thanks to our Warm Hug collection. Quality materials, models with 100% lambswool and pure new wool make it possible. In addition to the perfect warmth, the Warm Hug collection shines with the winter colors Cuoio, Earth, Linen, and a classic Black, as well as other accent colors. Whether open, with a modern design, or with a removable footbed and leather – the Warm Hug collection covers all wishes. With the use of lambswool, we want to set a positive and contemporary signal in the modern areas of our collection and avoid lambskin.


From open slippers to completely closed winter models, the Warm Hug collection covers all needs for warm feet that your customers wish for. The head and feet are known to be the parts of the body that give off the most body heat. Wrapping them up comfortably on cold winter days helps the cozy feeling of well-being at home enormously.

That was exactly our goal when developing our new Warm Hug models. We are ready for winter 2020. Are you and your customers, too?


Always sought-after. Our classic all-rounders.

You can’t go wrong with our all-rounders. Made from the best materials, our Contemporary collection combines classic shapes, modern designs, and important functionality. The wide-ranging Contemporary collection leaves nothing to be desired for you and your customers. Deep fur footbeds, removable footbeds and leather soles are just a few of the many functions that characterize this collection. Discover the perfect form, design, and functionality combinations for your specialised trade and your target group. From the bestseller “Bari” to new shapes and upper materials, the Contemporary collection covers a wide range of target groups. The absolute must-haves for your specialised trade off er a great price-performance ratio and long-lasting quality for your customers. Established in the specialised trade for some time, the Contemporary collection enjoys international popularity and strong sales figures from season to season.



An evolution instead of a revolution.

Our Traditional collection is our starting point and our foundation. The models and materials in this collection have been established since the start of the Rohde Company. They are our past success story and are still an integral part of our collection and our customers. With the Traditional collection, we are constantly developing the tradition of footwear from its beginnings. This collection is the result of all our expertise and tradition. Guaranteed sales for your store since decades.

In addition to years of expertise, our Traditional collection is characterized above all by its unbeatable function and unique comfort. Exactly what the target group of this collection has trusted for years: removable footbeds, wedge heels and functional width adjustment on the buckles. Here quality and function meet and form an unbeatable result. In order to always find new approaches in our most traditional collection, we are constantly developing them. We skilfully rely on many years of knowledge and a little breeze of fresh design to keep delivering the familiar quality to our most loyal end customers and to improve the whole collection even further.



Genuine leather. Genuine wearing comfort.

Real leather means real quality. In the Leather collection we combine our best leather in recent for men. Proven models and soles meet high-quality leather and the elaborate California design. With the Leather collection we off er you and your customers a good selection of diff erent styles to always have the perfect leather slipper in your range.

Leather is one of the most durable materials in footwear and should therefore not be missing in any collection of a traditional shoe company. Leather slippers are a real classic. We have been choosing the best quality for years when carefully selecting our leather suppliers. Through our many years of working with leather materials, we were able to perfect the entire manufacturing process and can shine with absolute quality in our segment.



From casual sneakers to chic boots.

Due to our new focus on slippers, the Outdoor collection of Rohde has shrunk in recent years. Despite this, we would like to present a small but fine selection of Rohde outdoor shoes that convince through the usual Rohde quality.

Discover our new outdoor felt models as lace-up or velcro shoes in many diff erent trendy colors. The collection is rounded off by our proven forms Rennsteig and Kitzbühel in well-known, classic colors as well as other selected models from the Rohde brand.



Never Out Of Stock.

Our popular Never Out Of Stock items are again a fundamental part of our collection this season. The Never Out Of Stock models are always in stock and available for you all year round in good quantities.

The tried-and-tested models are continuously produced by us and off er you the opportunity to always re-order the proven best-sellers and to have them ready for your customers at all times.

Never Out Of Stock – success stories of the Rohde brand in one collection


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